Acolytes of Krod Wiki

Edimgar, a cursed Bladeling Sha'ir was outcast with his family from his home on Acheron, an evil-aligned plane of existence.  While traveling through the Astral Sea an unfortunate accident caused Edimgar's family to be thrown from over the bow of the ship.  Their metalic skins were ripped to shreds by the pure energy of the sea, leaving Edimgar an orphan.

When the ship made dock, he was taken in by a monk of the god, Hoar .  Hoar is the god of revenge, retribution and poetic justice.

After studying under the guidance of the few monks that exist, Edimgar set off to become the champion of Hoar.  The commander of retribution and justice.


Edimgar is a beguiler, who utilizes deception for the purpose of retribution.  He has proficiency in flash powers and abilities to distract others.  

Edimgar has a received an elemental familiar who speaks Abyssal, though his communication with Edimgar is purely psychic if not through common.