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Jerp avatar.png

Unaligned Male Drow Rogue

Age 30, Height 5'9", Weight 160 lb., Size Medium, Deity: Avandra


Varoos'Dax "Jerp" Ist'Ro

Born a slave of House Ist'Ro, my contempt for Drow society is almost as strong as my survival instinct. Avoiding sacrifice by way of infanticide and barred from finishing my martial training after being selected to become the servant of a priestess, I continued to train in secret. I had no way of knowing that obtaining the required manuscripts and equipment to aid my study would help hone the skills that would ensure my survival for years to come. The constant infighting as a member of a House on the Council was a familiar yet exceedingly dreadful part of life. The reverberations of the ever changing balance of power were felt fully in even the lowest member of the House.

As luck would have it, or my own intuition I know not which, I was able to create an opportunity to escape Trist'oth during the male uprising. Swiftly taking advantage of the situation I created a potion to induce death sleep I had gleaned from a mistakenly selected tome. My apparent corpse was tossed into a mass grave outside the city where I lay awaiting the opportunity to slip away. In order to escape undetected, life never being a clean affair, I was forced to kill a close house brother who had been kind to me in years past. I shall never desecrate his name by passing it through my lips or through my pen.

Years later I overheard the tale of the Lichdrow Tiphareth and the demise of the Ist'Ro who were used as a mass sacrifice. The fact that my house brother would have inevitably met his end in short order, regardless of my absconsion, gives me no solace. My life since has been one of wanderlust, survival and soul searching as I venture away from my homeland as far as I am able.