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With the story starting out in the dark room, Thistle stated that she lives with multiple sisters in the forest. That forest being Ender-Thormstun. Thistle has been the youngest out of her sisters being 239, which is just a little over 16 in human years.  She has always been a curious pixie, going on advantures around her home town. Her father and mother were both killed in a fire that raged in a city that they were first living in, Thistle never knew about her parnets. The sisters traveled along the forest, and settled amongest Ender-Thormstun as the settlement in the trees was frist starting to get a basic hold on itself. The Elder of the town took pity and gave them a house to call their own, and Thistle grew up to be loved by her sisters and the other pixie towns- people. 

Thistle has always been good with a bow. The eldest sister says that it was passed down by their father, while others say that she was just damn good at it. Thistle would practice everyday and every night for months. She took pride in her shot and gets frustered when it misses. 

Thistle, even though her shot is good, is a very shy and not a true leader in a group. She warms up to others her own height at a much faster pace then those of other races. With her intune to nature she can feel the earth around her. Her trust is like that in a way, if she dosn't like the feel of the nature of a certain race or person, her trust would not follow but, if she likes the aura she will gladly warm up to the people around her.